Award-winning Interior Stylist + Decorator servicing Wollongong, Sydney + surrounds.

Interior Stylist and Decorator Cronulla

Designing and styling an indoor environment requires a large amount of planning, research, and coordination to manage and obtain a healthy and aesthetically pleasing space for all those within it. This is where an interior stylist comes in handy - meet Jessi Eve Interiors, an award-winning interior stylist and decorator who services Cronulla, including North Cronulla, South Cronulla and its surrounding areas Caringbah South, Kurnell and Bundeena. 

Cronulla is a beautiful beachside suburb located 26 kilometres south of central Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. It is a popular tourist spot  attracting many beachgoers from all over Sydney, with so much to offer for anyone and everyone. It has a long stretch of sand, rock pools, cafes, and bars  with ocean views. The beaches are popular recreational areas for swimming, surfing, bodyboarding, and other water sports. In Cronulla, it’s the beach culture that really sets the place apart. Jessi Eve is very familiar with this suburb, which includes popular beaches such as Greenhills, Eloura Beach, Wanda Beach, Oak Park, Darook and Shelly Park beach, and she has styled many beautiful homes here. 

Who is interior stylist Jessi Eve? 

Based on Wollongong’s Coal Coast, Jessi Eve is an experienced interior stylist delivering beautiful interiors in Cronulla and across the country. Jessi Eve is an award-winning graduate of the International School of Colour + Design (ISCD) and has spent a large amount of time in the past decade perfecting her art, making her one of the most requested interior designers and stylists in Cronulla. The service that Jessi Eve interiors can provide for you is personal and relaxed with a constant focus on the specific wants and needs of the client. 

What exactly is interior design? 

Interior design is so much more than just decorating a room, there are numerous other responsibilities for the designer including layout, furniture, comfort, materials, and lighting. The interior designer considers safety, sustainability, durability, and even comfortability providing us with the best possible results for a room or space. 

Why do I need an interior stylist? 

Hiring an interior stylist saves you from stress and headaches as well as wasting money on wrong materials and furniture in the long run. An interior stylist like Jessi Eve knows what to look for, she has a trained eye and can help you visualise how the space will look when complete. You can read more about her services here.

What should I consider before hiring an interior stylist in Cronulla?

So you have decided to hire an interior stylist in Cronulla, but what should you consider before hiring? Before hiring an interior stylist, consider your own taste and style preferences. Make sure you spend time with the designer to discuss your wants, needs and ideas for  your project.

For instance, maybe you already have a colour palette in mind or maybe you have a list of must-have items, these are important things to consider and share with your interior designer and stylist. Before hiring you should also consider your budget and how much you are willing to spend, and your priority requests.

Jessi Eve provides her customers with a briefing consultation at the beginning to discuss these important factors and to understand your vision and direction for the space. To make sure you have found the right interior decorator in Cronulla, Jessi also has a collection of images of her previous work and numerous online reviews  for you to check out.

 Jessi Eve is currently taking bookings for mid-2023 onwards.